Walk 3: Pigeon Feeding Walk

Big Land Walks is a series of free walks. Our goal is not to convey any specific information but to have a collective poetic experience. Participants are members of the public who had no idea about us but saw us standing beside our sign on the street and decided to go on a walk. Here is a brief record of a walk.

Pigeon Feeding Walk
Walk led by David Stokes, from an idea by Daniel Glassman

I set up my 'Free Tour' sign at the south east edge of Nathan Phillips Square where it meets Queen Street. A group approached and asked about the tour. They were a group of guys who were on a corporate team building exercise. They decided it would look cool to their boss if they did the walk. 

I gave them each a bit of bird feed and we went into Nathan Phillips Square and fed the birds there. 

The walk took about 30 minutes.