Poem 17: The Gravy Tanker Disaster

The sky was becoming foggy
But certain names were becoming luminous -

Politicians and literati
Were sizzling steaks.

The gentle ones were bleating
The fat one's bellowed
The thin ones screaming
They were all tender and juicy.

The ether crackled with messages -
A host of commonplaces were transmitted
To the end of the world at the speed of light:
Steak for sale! Good blood-red steak! 

He looked at me with the eyes of a stranger.
A stranger with a fork
was stumbling over what he had just created:
The locomotive of thought had derailed.
Spilling everywhere burning
Twisted rubble of the intelligible.
And they all ran to the hot ashes
of Culture
To make the perfect steak

--David Stokes

Poem 16: Cancun Mechanical

A man with a Metallica tattoo
a sculptor’s daughter
and a ballerina who broke her foot
on the first day of the job

the muslim pilot
is kissing a detective’s wife
while driving the plane
as the co-pilot sits in the bathroom
no one else has noticed a thing

I can hear Eminem
on the night bus home
on a poor man’s headphones
“it’s not so bad,
it’s not so bad”

It’s not so bad.

--Raphael Elkabas-Besnard