Walk 2: Chance Walk

Big Land Walks is a series of free walks. Our goal is not to convey any specific information but to have a collective poetic experience. Participants are members of the public who had no idea about us but saw us standing beside our sign on the street and decided to go on a walk. Here is a brief record of the walk.   

Chance Walk
Walk led by David Stokes

I set up my 'Free Tour' sign at the south east edge of Nathan Phillips Square where it meets Queen Street. A group approached and asked about the tour. They were a group of people from Brampton going to the Blue Jays game later. I explained that this tour would be guided by chance. They agreed to come with me. 

To begin, I asked a participant where they were from and if they lived north/east-west or south/east-west of our starting point. They lived north of it so we went one block north to Dundas and Bay.

At the corner of Dundas and Bay, I produced a die. Each street corner got a number and two corners got an extra number. I rolled the die on the sidewalk. Based on the number rolled we went west to the corner of Dundas and Elizabeth Street.

At the corner of Dundas and Elizabeth Street, I asked a participant what their favourite colour was. They said a shade of yellow. I then asked them which direction had more yellow. There was more yellow north on Elizabeth Street so we went north to Elizabeth Street and Edward Street.

At the corner of Elizabeth and Edward Street, I picked up a small piece of garbage from the ground. I asked a participant to choose which part of the garbage would be the pointing end. Then I threw it into the air. It landed pointing most towards the north so we went that way to Elizabeth and Elm Street.

At the corner of Elizabeth and Elm Street, I asked a participant to ask a stranger on the street which way we should go. They asked someone who told us to go east, so we went to the corner of Elm Street and Barnaby Place.

At the corner of Elm and Barnaby Place, I asked a participant to be our leader. We would go in whichever direction they felt best. They chose down Barnaby Place. We went down. At the corner of Barnaby Place and Edward Street, the walk ended.

This walk lasted about an hour.