Walk 4: Fill-in-the-Blanks Walk

Big Land Walks is a series of free walks. Our goal is not to convey any specific information but to have a collective poetic experience. Participants are members of the public who had no idea about us but saw us standing beside our sign on the street and decided to go on a walk. 

Fill-in-the-Blanks Walk
Walk led by David Stokes

I set up my 'Free Tour' sign at the south east side of Nathan Phillips Square, across from the pool. A group approached and asked about the tour. They were a family with 5 kids. I explained that we would go around the square and give funny names and descriptions to the stuff there. They agreed to come with me. I gave them all pens and a paper with these words to be filled in. 

(random object) 
(random group of living things) 
(random reason)
(any made up name). 
(any number) 
(line from a song)! 

(any sort of activity) 
(Toronto celebritiy)

1 was the Henry Moore sculpture: 
This (adjective) (object) was made by (group of living things) for (random reason). It is named the (any made up name). 

2 was the Toronto: 
The Toronto sign is (any number) years old, this is all that remains of the original sign, which used to read Toronto: is/ (line from a song)! 

3 was the Pool:
This pool is filled with the tears of Toronto's (occupation), who wanted the pool to be (exclamation) like them.    

4 was City Hall:  
City Hall, which is shaped liked a clamshell, makes Torontoians feel (emotion) because of laws and licenses governing (any sort of activity).    

5 was the flame:  
This flame, which is designed to cook (food) for (Toronto celebritiy).   

The walk took about 40 minutes.