Article 21: Guide Dogs of the Mountain

Mexico Department

The Sierra Gorda Queretana is the land where this tale takes place. It was the last part of a trip I took to see the whole Sierra Gorda mountain range. A sprinter van drove a group of us to the highest part of the mountain that it could reach, and left us there. We could see most of the mountain, but some was hidden, and we needed to find a way to the the top where the “Mirador Cuatro Palos” stood.

Before starting our way up, we saw these little dogs that looked like they were waiting for us. They were really friendly, they didn´t bark or move, and it looked as if they were smiling at us. They let us pet them. There was a particular one that caught our attention, it was a little black dog with little white paws. He just had one eye, a cute brown eye that will shine and make you fall in love with him. He was probably the most adorable dog l’ve ever seen. His none little eye cave looked kind of sad but with his one eye he looked out with so much joy, we were all happy to have met him.

And when we started to go up the path, this dog and the others went before us as if to show us where to go. For each group of people, whether it was 2 people or 3 or 4 people, a single dog would walk in front of that particular group. A cute dog that looked like a fox started to walk in front me and my friend. All the dogs would stop every time a group wanted to take pictures, as if they were each friendly and patient guides, waiting until we were ready to continue.

They took us forward in this marvelous silence, where words are not needed, and we followed them deeper and deeper into the mountain. When we got to the top, a fantastic view was waiting for us and all the dogs gathered together. Some went to sleep and others stood looking at their chosen people. After enjoying the view some of us started to walk back and the dogs were alert even if they had been taking a nap, and one by one, they started to go down with the people they had guided to the top.

So did our little fox-like friend, who waited for us even though we were the last ones to leave the mirador (lookout). It was just nice to be with them, and for a moment to feel a part of them, a member of a pack of mountain dogs.

--Celeste Navarrete